Addition of 27 New Islands in Regency Review of Island Topographic Names in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province

Friday, September 22, 2023 at 9:59 AM

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The implementation of topographic names based on Government Regulation Number 2 of 2021 is aimed at protecting the sovereignty and security of the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, preserving cultural values, history and customs and realizing orderly government administration. This needs to be implemented in an orderly, integrated, effective and efficient manner and guaranteeing accuracy, up-to-dateness and legal certainty.

The stages in organizing topographical names include collecting topographical names and reviewing, where the important information that a topographical element must have is the topographical name, type of topographical element, and coordinates. There are various types of topographic elements, but in general they are divided into topographic elements in land areas and topographic elements in marine areas. The topographic elements of marine areas include seas, straits, bays, islands, corals, sandbars and various other underwater topographic elements.

Data collection on island names through validation field survey activities for new islands in West Nusa Tenggara Province was carried out by the Center for Marine and Coastal Environmental Mapping, BIG in 2020. Defining the topographic elements of marine areas in island assessment activities is very important because it involves marine management authority , regional administration arrangements and Indonesian sovereignty. The activity of reviewing island topographic names was carried out in stages starting from the district, provincial level, then continuing to the central level until finally the data on island topographic names was included in the 2023 Gazeter of the Republic of Indonesia.

In November 2022, district level island assessment assistance was carried out in NTB Province through the Topabumi Name Information System (SINAR) application. However, at that time technical problems occurred so that the activity was postponed and carried out again at the beginning of March 2023. The activity of studying the topographic names of islands at the district level in NTB Province was attended by the Marine Mapping Coordinator, Center for Marine and Coastal Environmental Mapping, BIG, Mr. Fajar Triady Mugiarto, and the technical team, as well as representatives of the regional governments of West Lombok, Central Lombok, Sumbawa, Dompu and Bima Regencies. This activity was opened by the Head of the NTB Province Government and Regional Autonomy Bureau, Lalu Hamdi. He gave directions so that all district governments that will hold the island study, namely West Lombok, Central Lombok, Sumbawa, Dompu and Bima, are expected to be able to participate in the activity well. It is hoped that the island data studied for a total of 27 islands in NTB Province will increase the number of islands in NTB Province to 430 islands. This activity also serves as communication of information on topographic names between the district government, provincial government and central government so that this information can be useful for the development and prosperity of the people of NTB and Indonesia in general.


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